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Lina Lecaro ​(See also: Our reviews of Motley Crue, Public Enemy and Matt & Kim.) Though its history as a musical hotbed dates back to the '60s, the Sunset Strip will always be associated with the hair metal hedonism of the '80s. Saturday's Fourth Annual Sunset Strip Music Festival continued to highlight and celebrate the metal years as it has in the past, honoring the ultimate bad boys of L.A. rock, Motley Crue, while injecting other genres into the mix like hip-hop and indie rock. And despite the diversity of acts, it seems most come to the fest to get their headbang on like the old days.

Aug 22

Lina Lecaro Camerata's got a lotta. See Sunday. ​The traffic sucks and yes, you will encounter clubster schmucks, but block for block there is nowhere better than Hollywood to get your groove on--and your ya-yas out--club-wise. DTLA comes a close second, especially in the summertime. This week we sp…

Jun 23