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DC101 Presents Elliot in the Mornings Holiday Concert with Fall Out Boy, AWOLNATION, Bastille and The Struts
Fairfax, VA
Holiday Jam with New Edition and Black Alley and Kenny Babyface Edmonds and Babyface
Washington, DC
Dec 4
Silver Spring, MD
Dec 4
Tyler Farr
Charles Town, WV
Dec 10
Mannheim Steamroller
Baltimore, MD
Dec 10
Not So Silent Night: French Montana with Rob Thomas and George Ezra
Silver Spring, MD

Montauk's locally owned Whalebone Creative and the popular nightlife website The invited  Rapper Mickey Avalon out to Montauk this weekend. His sweaty performance, along with Chanel West Coast's, kicked off the grand opening of The Washout, a new bar in town. [Mickey Avalon][Jason Pollack, WHALEBONE Boys] The Whalebone Creative team was especially excited to host the event, because of Mickey's close friendship with surf legend Andy Irons. The evening started with a pre-party hosted at The Whalebone Creative store. After grabbing fresh WhaleBone gear, the crew took off to the show. In addition to his performance the opening show was rapper Chanel...

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BallerStatus.comSunset Strip Music Festival Announces Full Line-Up, Adds RZA, Mickey Avalon ...BallerStatus.comAmong the acts announced for SSMF 2012 are: Rza, Hank III, Mickey Avalon, De La Soul, and dumbfounded, among others. These new acts will join previously-announced festival artists including headliner Marilyn Manson, as well as The Offspring, Steve ...Rock Out: Sunset Strip Music Festival Announces Complete 2012 LineupLAist

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When one is attending a Mickey Avalon show, scantily clad stage dancers and even scantilier-clad audience members are to be expected. His show are essentially a hybrid of a filthy, yet somehow glamorous Hollywood nightclub, Las Vegas and a college house party. That's exactly what took place June 15 at the Knitting Factory, when the glam rapper took the stage in his standard skinny jeans, cut-off tank and leather jacket, topped with the same captain's hat he donned at his December 2011 performance at China Blue. Avalon quickly ditched the hat and jacket, and left his grommet belt hanging undone. The quirky...

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Rap artists brought down the stage at Ace of Spades on Second Saturday. K-Ottic (Kenny Giacomini) took to the stage with special guests rapper Quen and singer Sunnie Williams. Originally from Virgina, K-Ottic became a Sactown native when he attended high school at Bear River High School. Lyrically, K-Ottic lacked a natural continuous flow, but had decent beats to engage the crowd. Although K-Ottic has some work to do in polishing his sound, the crowd was supportive and enjoyed his performance. Female vocalist Sunnie came out for the song "One Time." The song was a creative blend of K-Ottic rapping and Sunnie singing on the chorus. Even...

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When the foul-mouthed Hollywood glam-rapper Mickey Avalon performed in Bend nearly 18 months ago, we put him on the cover of GO! Magazine, a striking rooftop photo that was so L.A. Industry politics and record label problems were to blame for holding up his sophomore effort, Avalon said. But he saw light at the end of the tunnel. “Everything’s gonna get out. That’s not even a question,” he told The Bulletin. “I didn’t work that much and make that many songs for no one to hear ‘em.” He was right. Avalon is now on Suburban Noize Records, and his new album “Loaded” was released...

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Tina DhamijaMickey Avalon Mickey Avalon The Coach House Five years after the release of his self-titled debut album, libido-driven Hollywood glam rapper Mickey Avalon, showed up to the Coach House to fire off some tunes from his new album, Loaded, in South County last night and he did not disappoint. Performing an hour-and-a-half-long set at the Coach House in fan-friendly San Juan Capistrano (can you taste the sarcasm?), The Ave (as he is affectionately known) brought his unique brand of tongue-in-ass-cheek party rap to an angsty crowd of OC folk, just looking for a reason to call in sick to work/summer school/probation the next...

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012 will forever live in infamy as the day that we as able-bodied human beings came to the full realization that we truly do... Like It Raw. WORLD PREMIERE "I Like It Raw" - Speedball Feat. Mickey Avalon Also, be sure to check out Mickey's live interview with CraveOnline tonight at our CraveIsland site! Tagged:exclusivemickey avalonmusicmusic video

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This week's print feature profiled rapper Mickey Avalon ahead of his show next Wednesday night at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano. Here are some of the things that we discussed with the Los Angeles-based rapper that didn't necessarily make it into the piece. What are your feelings on Orange County? Are you surprised that your music has been such a hit here? I actually really like it there. I like playing to the kids down there and it wasn't always like that at first because there's all these weird thoughts you have about people in other places and what they're supposed...

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People want bigger than life—and Mickey Avalon’ll give it to ’em “I remember it exactly to the day,” laughs Mickey Avalon, recalling his most surreal chat with his mother. It was the day she called him out for selling cannabis . . . and then taught him how to do it right. “Not only did I not know she sold smoke, I didn’t know she knew I did,” he continues. “One day she walked into my room and showed me this really nice bud, and I’m like, ‘What the f*@k is going on?’ She wanted to help me. My daughter is 13, and...

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As one of the first musicians to ink a deal with MySpace Records (eventually absorbed into Interscope Records), Mickey Avalon will always wear the mantle of a breakthrough artist whose career owes much to appearing on the right website at the right time. Though his self-titled debut sold decently and produced a cult hit in "Jane Fonda," the rapper found himself mired in battles with his record label over industry politics. And until recently, his recorded output came from mixtape tracks, produced as part of hip-hop trio Dyslexic Speedreaders. Splashy! Location Info Map Details Mickey Avalon performs at the Coach House,

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• That Cambridge kid-gone-Hollywood Matt Damon will return to Boston next month to once again headline Mass. General Hospital Cancer Center’s fifth annual The One Hundred benefit gala. The event, which honors people and organizations that have helped to advance the battle against cancer, is scheduled for June 7 at the Westin Boston Waterfront. Matt’s dad, Kent, has been treated for blood cancer at the center. • That oddball rocker Mickey Avalon nearly didn’t make it to his gig at the Middle East the other night. The wheel on Avalon’s tour bus caught fire and delayed the crew’s arrival from NYC. Post-gig,...

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Yes, he said a lot of disparaging things about your dick (see video above), and he looks like a walking bag of Hep C. But you love Mickey Avalon in all his scuzzy Hollywood glory, because you’re a dirty, dirty bird who is constantly refreshing Famelust and writing steamy JHN RDN fan fiction.  Do you want to go to the Troc on Saturday night to take photos and videos on your Boost Mobile of Mickey and post them to your blogspot? We can help with that. We’ve got free tickets. (Sorry, can’t help with the Boost Mobile.) To get them just...

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